Tuesday, November 28, 2006


O Cheryl Tri, O Cheryl Tri

Well, on Monday Men's Ensamble, minus one sick Jordan, got out of first block to take a trip to Mayo (the hospital). The whole purpose of our trip was to sing to Cheryl while she was recieving Chemotherepy. When we first reached mayo we stopped in a lobby to practice once. we stood in a circle and sang, and, to my amazement, people began to stop and watch us. After one of the songs I remember looking up, and seeing people on a balcony a floor above us, clapping. After our run-through it was up to the tenth floor to see cheryl. Ben, who was leading our group, walked past her door at first, but when that was corrected, it was time to perform. Our songs, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Sixteen Tons, and Vive L'Amour, went well, very well, I was quite happy. When we had finished singing, a nurse type person told us a former choir director had heard us sing, and wanted to meet us. He said we sounded good, and especially liked "Vive L'Amour," so we sang it for him once. I think he really enjoyed it. I hope he did. It was a wonderful trip and I hope we can make it a permanent facet of Men's Ensamble.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Stupid, Stupid Animals

...And they still outsmarted me. We hunted saturday (not enought, apparently everyone thought someone else was setting an alarm) and sunday, and didnt get a thing
sunday I saw four deer, and dad and Corey both got shots off, but we still came home with nothing. Stupid Venisons. Dad went out on tuesday and saw nothing, but we may still go out next sunday. Corey shot two deer with his family, just to rub it in. Anyway, I need to thank the Guenthers for loaning me the stick I carried around.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


First Quarter

One Fourth of the school year has passed, and I feel little changed for it. The most eventful thing to happen was getting DaVinci's Notebook onto my computer. Good music. I'm listening to "Irish Drinking Song." I like this music, it's truly like no other music. I like that it focuses on vocals, which are my favorite part of music. I also like the cheery lyrics. Conveniently, this brings me to my next point. I have decided that the countless angry, death metal bands piss me off. That stuff hardly qualifies as music, and there are so many bands along those same lines that it contradicts their "rebelious" nature. The kids who listen to them frustrate me. There are too many teenagers out there refusing to see how good their lives are. No one seems to want to have a good life; they all need to be rebels, but, again, if they all try to rebel the same way, it's not so rebelious. If they want to be truly rebelious, they should take resposibility for themselves.
Good rant.
Alisha wants everyone to go to bonfire at her house tomorrow, but I don't think I'm going. I work through the best hours of it, and going before would be awkward. I do, however, enjoy my growing familiarity with Lora Anderson. I have Math Analysis with her. I get to talk to her some, and today she professed the intention of visiting me at work. That would be cool. She's told me twice that I have beautiful hair, and asked once about working after school on homework with her. I guess I have to include that it would be an outright lie if I said I wasn't attracted to her.
Back to work. I got about 19-20 hours this week, as opposed to the 4 I got last week. Janielle came in tonight with Kayla and Jenna, and we all talked for a while. I like working at subway.

Friday, November 03, 2006


One Week

It's already been a week since Romeo and Juliet. I guess that went pretty well. There were still things I thought could have been better, but that's just me. I would have liked to see a bigger turn-out. Two performances just aren't enough, and they don't give any time for word to spread. Matinees don't bring the crowds or the energy of night performances, and I wouldn't mind seeing them go. Unfortunately, that leaves us with only two non-school nights. Doing a performance and then going to school the next night would be difficult, to say the least. Impossible is closer to the truth. We could do two weekends in a row, but that would be really hard to organize. Theater is pretty much the last thing on people's minds when they organize events.
Well, other than that, not a lot has happened. We took Jordan down to the yard to look at cars. There's a Neon he could get for $1000, but he's daunted by the 172,000 miles on it. Oh well.

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