Sunday, April 29, 2007



We performed this weekend. The play is done. I think Friday was the better performance. It just seemed to have more energy. It also had the bigger crowd, which was probably a large part of the energy situation. The crowds seemed to enjoy both shows, however, which is always good. I love talking to the audience members and hearing how they enjoyed it, even if it is unbearable hot in my costume. However, this performance was tinged with much sadness, for it was Mr. Little's final show at DEHS. Much to the Monkeys' disappointment, Little will not be with us next year. C'est la Vie. In any case, I think "Anything Goes" was a pretty good play to end on, and it was a lot of fun.

Thursday, April 12, 2007



I like Easter. It is easily one of my favorite holidays. I just enjoy it. We always spend it with Andersons, which is definitely part of the reason I enjoy it so. They are just more fun than my extended family. This year we went to vigil mass. It was pretty interesting, but kinda long. I liked the effect when we lit the candles, it was very pretty. It was also neat to see them baptize an adult. On Easter morning we went to Andersons for a nice brunch, and we played Guitar Hero. Then, once my cousins arrived, we had the traditional egg hunt. It was really amusing to see the 16+ year olds charging around the backyard like little kids. My parents even made Katie hunt eggs, even though she though she was too old. We then had lunch at our house, and fulfilled Easter tradition by playing RISK. That game is always fun, and Jim didn't win. He's really good at that game. I ended up winning, but dad wasn't really trying to beat me, which really makes it less fun.
Monday was also good. We had a build day, and we had a limited crew, to actually get things done. We made a lot of progress. Even better, afterward I got to go over to Alisha's house. We hung out and had supper, and it was a lot of fun.
Also this week I got fitted for my tux for prom. It feels like I'm actually going to prom now.

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