Monday, February 19, 2007


Sick of Being Sick

Not that anyone ever enjoys being sick, but you know what I mean. Besides the fact that its not much fun to try to push your brains into a Kleenex, or hack up your lungs, being sick also ruined my plans for this weekend. It made working miserable on Saturday, and made me unable to go out on Sunday night, like I had originally planed. I might have been alowed to go out, but I would not have been good company. Same goes for Monday. It was tempting, but I didnt think it wise to join all of my friends at the mall, or wherever they went. I'd probably just get them all sick. Instead, I got to spend all of today doing nothing. I did homework for 15-20 minutes, and then sluffed. It's not too enjoyable for me; lethargy makes me grumpy and depressed. Sunday I did go to a Daytona 500 party with my dad, and it was kinda fun. We ate food and won prizes (I got a hat and a clock). We snowmobiled there, which was pretty cool. Back to school tomorrow, hopefully I feel like less crap.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Christmas Time has Come...

I'm not dumb, and I know it's Febuary. Today I got up early and went out to breakfast, having gone to church last night. It was a fundraiser at Applebee's for some lutheran church that my mom knows a lady from. For $5 we got 2 pancakes, 1 sausage, and some scrambled eggs. They food was decent, not wonderful, but it was still alright. The service wasnt so great, and the kids who served us didn't know what kind of milk they had (they said skim, but were wrong). The biggest problem I had with breakfast was that the pancakes were small. This wouldnt be horrible, but I can not eat meat for breakfast. For whatever reason, even the smell of meat in the morning makes me sick, and I can only take a little bit of eggs. For those of you still paciently waiting, I will now explain the title of this post. After breakfast today, we took off to Waseca to celebrate Christmas with my aunt Jean, and Godfather Steve. My aunt jean doesnt get along with her brothers and sisters, execpt my mom, and doesnt communicate. Thus, we must every year, celebrate seperately. It's generally relatively enjoyable. I got Chocolate, an ornament (a tradition) and an electronic sudoku game.
That was quite a lot of blather.
Yesterday was fun. It started pretty early, but was well worth it. I was at school by 10 o'clock, and spent the next 4 hours or so building the set for Anything Goes. We covered three of the 4'-by-4' platforms and got one up on the 6 foot 4"-by-4"'s and braced it with about 6 2 by 4's. Rob got some work done on stairs. I managed to break two drill bits. I'm skilled like that. we ran out of wood at about 2:30, but in true drama club fashion, didnt leave. No one did leave until 3:30 or later. JB and Buck had to work, and within a few minutes most everyone was gone. By 3:45 it was Alisha and myself. Some of you can probably tell whats coming, but I will go on. I asked Alisha out, she said yes, and it was nice. After waiting with her for her ride for a while, I went home to my dad's deep dish pizza, and my two youngest cousins. We all had a good time, execpt for Emily, who, after supper, slipped and knocked her chin.

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