Thursday, May 15, 2008


Mother Earth

It has occurred to me that we generally think of the planet as a delicate thing that we must coddle and protect. While the natural balance may be delicate, the planet itself is not. Treating the planet like a delicate plant that we must protect from climate change is a highly incorrect idea. Mother Earth is more like a sleeping bear we must be careful not to awaken. Rather, we should try and put her to sleep again, for we have already roused her, and taken away her cubs. Every day I hear on the news of people being killed in natural disasters. Whether it is in pairs or dozens in a tornado, or tens of thousands in a cyclone people are dying. When you hear of up to one hundred thousand people dying in Myanmar in one storm, it speaks, and it speaks of two things. The first is overpopulation. We have put far too many people on this earth, and it is only getting worse. The second is anger. We have angered the planet and it is trying very hard to kill us. When you try and save energy, it is not to prevent the planet's death, for it will outlast us all. It is trying to prevent your death, because, if we push her hard enough, mother nature will kill us all. Neither men nor mankind were made to live forever. We are not impervious to the forces of nature. Nay, the planet could erase us with the slightest effort.
Don't make her mad.

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