Friday, July 21, 2006



This is the only picture I have from camp so far. Most of these people are my friends, which is cool, as I don't generally meet new people.

The people are:
Back row, left to right: Mike, Me, Travis, Willy, Jon, Matthew, Andrew
Middle row: Kristin, Jaimie, Missi, Ellen, Katie, Lissa
Front Row: Camillia, Luara, Taylor, Sarah

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Windfalls and a Disappointing movie (in reverse order)

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 today, and I was disappointed. I just didn't like this movie as much as the original. Something about it wasn't as fun, and I don't think the writing was as good. We were supposed to go with Monkeys, but several lines got crossed, so it ended up just Anna, Corey and me. Cheryl told Corey it was at 3:00, and he missed the part about it being at Cenimagic instead of Chateau. Cheryl made a boo-boo, too because they really went to the 3:05 showing. No one's perfect.
It was a week of windfalls, but at the moment I feel they may not open for discussion. In any case, while neither was completely unexpected, they still make me happy.

Well, tomorrow I plan on working, so I'm done, for now. I hope to have pictures of NSSME to post soon, but no promises.

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