Tuesday, June 27, 2006



As you may or may not know, I went to duluth for a choir camp. It was more fun than i had imagined it could be. I made many friends, and had a wonderful time. Its amazing how much is accomplished when you have a choir that likes to sing (and practices 5 hours a day). Anyway, our choir consisted of about 16 people. Thats pretty small, but it was a good group. I had an intersting expierence as the lowest voice in the choir. The singing was fun, but the essence of the camp was the people. We started making friends the first night, and by wendsday the choir was one group that sang, ate, and walked together. Jon and Missi were both in the choir, but some of our new friends are: Willy, Jaimie, Laura, Camilia, and Mike. Mike is actually in college, but he likes to sing. It was a close group, and left me wondering a little bit where the line between famiarity and flirting lies.
Anyway, it was a choir, so a few details might be ok. We learned and preformed 7 songs in 6 languages as a choir in 6 days. On top of that, the men and women each had a song, and everyone was a part of a small group. My small group sang Boatmen's stop, a song about, trickly enough, boatmen. "O, the boatmen dance, the boatmen sing, the boatmen up to anything, and when the boatmen go ashore they spend their cash and work for more" That's the second solo, sung by yours truely. The women had a nice song, but the best small group was the trio of Willy, Jaimie, and Laura. They sang "Movin' On" and did an amazing job. It was almost unfairly good.

There are too many memories to ever dream of typing the whole thing, but hopefully this gives you an idea.

Thursday, June 15, 2006



I was bored one night, and decided to write a story. Its not very long, I'm not even sure if you can call it a story, but here it is. Tell me what you think.

Hidden in the Night

He shrunk deeper into the shadows as he watched her. He had chosen good cover. A thick bush prevented her from seeing him, and a nearby light made the shadow around him that much thicker. Motionless, he was almost invisible.
She was looking for him, and he knew it. Her friends were looking for him, too, but that wasn’t important. None of them were close enough to make any difference in what was about to happen this night.
She came closer. The muscles in his legs tensed as he prepared to spring towards her. She would scream loudly, when the time came. He knew the music of those screams, from experience with others, like her. He smiled with anticipation; he was going to enjoy this.
She came still closer. She was not close enough yet, but he was patient. He made sure to breath carefully, lest his breathing alert her to his presence too soon. That could ruin everything.
She took another step, and paused. It was time. He flew from his spot as quickly as his adrenaline soaked muscles would allow. The time for stealth was over, now it was a matter of speed. He was not disappointed by her scream of terror, but he was unable to savor it, for, nearly as quickly as he, she called a frantic warning to her friends, turned, and sprinted for safety.
It was a race, now, with him desperately trying to reach her, and her desperately trying to reach safety, with her friends. The seemingly great distance was disappearing rapidly, as both sprinted with all available energy. He thrust his arm out, and stretched toward her, trying furiously to overtake her. As soon as he felt his finger make solid contact with her back, he checked his sprint and loped away. As his hand joined the others on the stump, he grinned in satisfaction, and breathed a single word.
The game would go on. This time, she would hide.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


The Fire of Truth

We burn a hot fire here, it melts down all concealments.

Friday, June 09, 2006


A week into summer

Schools been out a week. A long week. I went to helen's party friday night. I went to becca's the next night. I've been doing stuff at least half the days, and its great. WE played ghost in the graveyard one other night. I went to becca's again last night. Unfortunately, i lost my necklace when i took it off for a dare to jump in her pool (with everyone else, of course) I've been procrastionating getting a job, but i dont think thats gunna work much longer. All in all, its been a good week. I hope the rest of summer follows suit.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Schools out!

It was the last day of school today, and I took 3 finals today. I think Mr. Baures forgot about making a final for speech, but I dont mind. My elgebra III final was easy, and I was done by 8:45, less than a half-hour after starting it. Spanish wasn't too dificult, but it was harder than algebra. Speech was just cleaning desks for the majority of the class period. Choir had a "final": Singing the scales as three groups, Men, altos, sopranos. Then world studies. That final was moderatly difficuly, but when I finished i got to go home, so i was home by 2:30. that was nice. on to summer
Two things for this summer: get a job, and go to nerdy chior camp thingy. Oh, well, jon's going so it should be fun. but other than that, I have nothing to do all summer. no plans, nothing. oh well, we'll see what comes up.

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