Monday, August 28, 2006


Subway man

Well, last friday JB brought me an application from subway and said I should have it filled out for tomorrow and he and Buck would help me out. so I worked on it on saturday, called little to be a reference, and, when JB called, drove in to finish it up. Tuesday buck called, i've got an interview thursday at 10. so, thursday I go in at ten and get interviewed. I was asked if I was bucks friend, and then when I could start. I started Friday Saturday and Suday working 4 to close. It does not take long to get used to making sandwiches for people. Subway is a fun place to work and very laid back, which I like.

On a completely different note i enjoy writing wierd things. I wrote on my sisters whiteboard on her door. My family thought it came from Lord of the rings.

Enter only those
of stout hearts. The
land beyond this threshold
is bereft of joy and absent
all levity. Few who enter
return, and none may pass
unchanged. Traveler, you are

Here begins

Katie's Room

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



What does a rock band, three evil stepsisters, and twenty screaming elementry students have in common?
You guessed it: Cinderella!
If you didn't guess it, let me bring you up to speed. Prairie Fire Childner's Theater came to town. Sunday was auditions. Now, I was under the impression that some drama club people would be there; I was dead wrong, to the extent that for the first twenty minutes I was there, there was no oneeven approaching my age (my hopes of Monkeys fading quickly as more and more little kids poured in). Finally, Becca Erickson came in, ending what felt like an eternity of awkwardness.
Auditions were fairly uninteresting, and don't neccesitate recounting.
I was cast as Mikey, a rock star and the second most dreamiest dream boat ever. There wasnt a whole lot of pride in it, even if it was the main male role, as my best competition was 13 years old. I tried to talk him into joining drama club, but he prefers sports. I believe, however, that another kid I talked to will join drama club. Hes only in sixth grade now, which means that, if he joins, he will have a long drama career ahead of him.
Back to Cinderella. The Practices were long and boring, 4 hours a day. But there were only 4 of them, so it wasnt too bad. Cinderella Performed twice, Thursady and Friday. Thursday some Monkeys took it upon themselves to come, which was nice. At curtain call they did a nice "Gimpy, Gimpy!" chant. For pictures with Becca (becca had been cast as cinderella, much to my relief), mike shouted "Gigitty, Gigitty."
They Shared a nice story with me, the script of which would run similar to the following:

Lights up on BUCK, MIKEY, and JB, playing Heroscape, with OTHERS present
BUCK: Wouldn't it be bad if a really hot girl saw us playing this nerdy game?
ALL: (chuckle)
brief pause



Cinderella was fairly entertaining for the week it lasted, but I am utterly confused at how my mom managed to get a considerable amount of my family to it, but not to The Crucible, which was a far superior production.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Life Plods Onward...

Well, the days of summer are already drawing down, as evidenced by the sky, darkening earlier every day. I never did get a job, but that is going to have to change shortly, if I want to pay off my car.
Drama Practices start next week, which is going to rock. Drama Club is a good group. Prairie Fire is going on next week, too. I don't know if I want to be in that or not. Well, I know I want to, its just a matter of whether or not awkwardness at the possibility of being the oldest person there would keep me from it.
For whatever reason, I composed a little bit of music today (little here meaning 5 measures). I think it sounds rather nice, although I am the one who wrote it. Maybe if I get more, I'll try assebling lyrics for it. A____ C D___ D____ B A____ the "C" is the one below middle C. I think it sounds cool, but I dont know if i got it from somewhere

Well, when I was adding pictures yesterday, I was unable to add one, and forgot one, so here they are.

A bunch of us guys holding Laura up for whatever reason. Not like it was much of a feat as laura weighs about 90 pounds.

And now blogger is refusing to let me upload my last picture, so thats all for today.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


NSSME Pictures

On the 29th, about half of our choir from camp got together at one of the girls' houses. We watched willy's play, spent the night at Laura's house, and then went to valley fair. It was a fun weekend; I've never had so much fun at valley fair before. and as an added bonus, i got some more pictures from camp, taken the Friday and Saturday we were at camp

This picture is of lunchtime. We had to push three tables together in order to fit the whole choir. it was then decided that if you push three round tables together it looks like a chord, so thats what we called it. Thus I present: the Lunch Cord.

Friday night was the only night we were allowed into the girls dorms, as it was the final night, and this was taken in Luara's dorm. This is a picture of the wounds we got from playing quarters. the only girl is Jaimie, who had what bordered on a fettish for quarters. good times.

Practicing for "We're the Men" on the day of performance. We are the Men!

This is most of the choir, either shortly before, or shortly after the concert.

Friendly Group up there.

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