Wednesday, November 21, 2007


a little something...

We were all disappointed when Little had to leave, but we were determined to go on. I expected to go on at school, and I believe you did too. However, the replacement chosen by the school turned out to be inadequate. We attempted to continue, to persevere, but the new director drove away many of my favorite primates through sheer overbearing control. Now the majority of what used to be the DEHS Drama Club completely refuses to deal with her antics.
Thespians, there is no reason we should be stopped by this. We have the talent to keep going. In fact, we have too much talent to stop. So we cannot use the school. That does not matter, because we are not helpless. We have people willing to donate their time. We have people willing to donate space. We have people ready and willing to give to us everything that can be given, however, there is one thing only we can provide: dedication.
Dedication, because this will not be easy. We do not have the luxury of learning one play at a time. We have to keep up a steady stream of plays. Everyone involved will have more than one role to fill because there is so much to be done. We are counting on the unwavering support of our troop. There is simply too much to be done for us to build this on half-involvement.
Do not fear that this will come at the price of fun, though. This will be our Drama Monkeys back again, and, what’s more, we are not limited in any way. The school always applies restrictions, ranging from age requirements to appropriateness levels. Being our own independent club allows us to be completely autonomous. We can bring back graduated Monkeys, and we can perform any play that strikes our fancy. We could even bring in people from other schools if we found someone interested enough. There are simply no boundaries on what we can do.
Let’s make this happen.

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