Saturday, February 02, 2008



Mourn ye the loss, citizens of Earth, for one has passed out of your company that the like of shall never be seen again.
Today is a sad day. Today they buried the first of my friends. At 20 years old, she was far too young to have to go. The only solace is to know that she is in a better place, no longer hurting. Still, it is painful to attend the funeral of one who should have lived sixty more years. I am struck by the profound irony that the better a person is, the more we love them, the more we say they deserve their place in the Kingdom of Heaven; the less we want them to get there. And it is obvious that Cheryl was well loved. A huge crowd turned out to pay their respects to one fallen so young.
And yet, we cannot be overcome with grief. The best way to truly respect one so full of life is to live. Live life and enjoy life. Dance your favorite dances, sing your favorite songs, and whenever you see an orchid, smile and remember.

Cheryl, Last Tree Song, here's to you.

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