Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Drama Club

I am a drama monkey, heart and soul, but I hate the DEHS drama club. Our change of director has destroyed the once fun-loving club. Strosahl is completely different from Mr. Little, and it is no longer fun. She has chased away the vast majority of our veteran actors and all of our tech. This play has nothing left, and yet the show must go on, or she will get in trouble. Jenanana is one of the few able to get along with strosahl, and she will stick it out. For me, theatre is fun, and I have no reason what so ever to stay in when it is no longer fun. I don't plan on a career in acting, so I refuse to kiss ass to get along with a director in an establishment that brings no joy to me.
So what do I do?
In the spirit of America, I will declare independence. I was talking to Alisha after she left the play, and we think we can do it. We will get one acts, and two man plays. We can perform at churches or civic buildings. We can practice at someones house. We can do this. We WILL do this. We aren't helpless, and we will show that to the world.
Stand with me my friends. Though legions stand marshaled before us, we will overcome.

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