Saturday, January 20, 2007


That's What Sodomy Feels Like...

Perhaps the title is some small clue, but I feel that justice was not given today. We had the one-act competition today, and this time, it counted. We gave it our damnedest, and put on a heck of a show, especially for being the first to perform, which stinks. It meant friggin' early and a dead audience. It was rough, but we did it. St. Charles did well, cause the rock, but maybe not as well as last week. There were two plays I hadn't seen yet at competition. There was one about a pie recepie that was kinda dumb, and one called "The last Leaf." Leaf was good, and I really enjoyed it. I feel almost worse for them than I do for myself. They had a good play and got a 15! Wabasha beat us, with SC taking first. No one was very happy with the judges decisions. Wabasha screwed things up; our biggest error was dropping a quarter. After the ranking was announced, JB and I congratulated some of the SC team personally. They are a good team and deserved it. They were very polite, and, if they didn't say it outright, it was implied that they thought we should be going to sectionals with them.
After the anal raping that was Sub-Section, the Monkeys had a pick-me-up meal at Denny's. It was quite fun, and we also spent some time at the mall, just hanging out and killing time. Good stuff. I saw nate miller there.
Shame of all shames: because we're not going on, the one-act will not go on. One result of this is that I have to go to the Math League meet on Monday. Boring

Sunday, January 14, 2007



We took first place at Festival! Two out of three Judges agree, "The Swimmer," as performed by the Dover-Eyota Drama Monkeys, is the best one act play in the three rivers confrence. We beat out St. Charles, the reigning champs, and took our place on the throne. The trouble is, Festival doesnt count for anything. The real deal is at sub section and sectional. I think if we can do well at sub section, we have a decent chance of making it to state. I hope we go to state, it would be really fun.

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