Monday, July 16, 2007



So far, I am rather disappointed with the way this summer has turned out. Last summer I spent nearly every day with my friends, as fires and waterfights and the like. This summer I have had very little of that, and it is a shame. Also, this summer has been lacking in a couple of other points as well. It didn't make me too happy when the doctor decided to cancel my surgery on the last possible day, and, completely unrelated to my previous complaint, the songs at NSSME were less challenging than last year. The only reason you go to that camp is to be challenged, musically. None of that is the worst, though. The thing that consumes my hours, replacing them with tedium, is homework. That's right, homework. I have to do college prep English over the summer, because a English credit wouldn't fit into my schedule and I needed it to graduate. An speaking of colleges, I still don't know where I'm applying. I'm open to suggestions.
This summer has excelled the previous in one aspect, however. With respect for the sensibilities of some, I with withhold the majority of my sappy comments and just say that I am glad to have a girlfriend. Especially one as awesome as Alisha.

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