Saturday, August 16, 2008


I love my cell phone

With a title like that I must have just gotten a new iPhone. Or maybe a Razr. Something sleek and hot, right?
I have a Nokia 6015, and have had said phone for almost 3 years. For those of you who do not own this glorious phone, here it is:

Granted, my phone is not that shiny.
I replaced the buttons on my phone today, the first thing to go bad. I friend of mine gave me his old one because I was missing 3,4,5, and 6. Very nice of him. I realized while I was replacing the buttons (a 5 second exercise) that I love my phone. I threw my phone at a wall today, just because I can.
My phone cost about $30 new and sports advanced features, like a color screen. It has no camera, no mp3 player, or anything really. It's just a phone. I don't care. Camera phones take the worst pictures in the world. They are low quality digital cameras stuck in your phone, just in case you ever need a picture so grainy you can't tell what it is and need it now. I also can't listen to low-quality phone songs.
Whenever you ask someone who owns one of these about them, they will tell you they do not break. I searched for "broken Nokia 6015" and Google had no results.
You can go on snapping your razrs in half ($100) and I will keep my phone.

Screw you and your awesome indestructible whup-ass phone Gimp. My mom used to have one of those. My dad ran it over with the lawn mower. They don't survive that. And I almost fell out of my chair at the thought of you using the word hot for any other purpose other than to denote temperature.

Lawn mower. Ouch.
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