Sunday, March 02, 2008



A treat for my dedicated blog readers: A blog that is actually updated somewhat regularly.
The blog in question is called "The Banterist" and it is Brain Sack's domain. He spins satirical stories much to my entertainment. The Banterist
I accidentally found this blog while working on a history project. the post was "Photo(shop) Journalism Awards." I thought they were hilarious and continued to explore the page, instead of doing my homework. It was only history anyway. While the photoshop awards are high on my list of favorites, "Tips for traveling with Children" is also very good.
The 2006 Photo(shop) Journalism Awards
Traveling With Children
A blog about a blog. God bless the Internet. (Although I doubt He's inclined, given the amount of porn on the Internet.)
By the way, Mr. Sack has a book out call "In the Event of My Untimely Demise" that I now wish to own.

Fun thought for the day: Can Bureaucracy be described as a Staff Infection?

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